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What kind of baby bedding to choose


There is a lot of talk about baby sleep, but mostly from the point of view of establishing routines. For this reason, the impact of the bedding chosen for your baby on the quality of sleep is usually less considered.

However, bedding is an important element in creating a comfortable and safe sleep environment. When bedding is chosen correctly, both the baby and the whole family sleep better.

In this article, I will discuss the things to consider when choosing bedding for your baby.


Avoid using extra chemicals when choosing baby bedding

Choose bedding for your baby that has not been treated with chemicals. Typically, sheets can be made with a variety of synthetic dyes, flame retardants and formaldehyde. On adult skin, synthetic chemicals may not cause reactions. However, baby skin is more sensitive than adult skin and chemicals can cause an allergic reaction such as a rash.

So make sure your baby's sheets are made naturally and have not been treated with chemicals. Avoid the harmful chemicals in dyes by choosing a fabric that is completely undyed or dyed with water-based dyes.

Baby bedding made from hemp is eco-friendly and made without chemical treatments, making it an excellent choice for your baby. Hemp does not need pesticides to grow, reducing the chemical load on the baby.


A baby needs soft and thin enough bedding

Bed linen made from soft fabric helps your baby sleep better because it feels comfortable against the skin. They should also be thin, as blankets that are too thick can be a safety risk for the baby. A small baby will not be able to move away from a thick blanket even if it prevents breathing.

Our range of baby duvets is made from hemp fabric, which is soft against the skin and also particularly warming. This makes it ideal for use as a baby blanket on its own, making it thin and safe for even the smallest of babies.


Breathable fabric balances baby's body temperature

Breathable bedding allows the skin to breathe and helps balance baby's body temperature. Like us adults, babies sleep better in cooler conditions. By choosing breathable bedding, you ensure that your baby doesn't get too hot.

Hemp fabric has naturally good thermoregulatory properties. Hemp bedding keeps your baby's body warm in cool conditions and cool in warm conditions.


The fabric must endure washing

In a family with babies, laundry is produced at a regular rate and therefore bed linen must also be able to withstand washing without tearing or wrinkling. There are significant differences in the washing resistance of different fabric types. Blended fabrics containing polyester or acrylic are easily frayed.

Many people think 100% cotton is a good choice. However, there are differences between cotton varieties. Inexpensive 100% cotton sheets are usually made of short-fibre cotton, which tends to wrinkle just as much as synthetic material.

The strength of the sheet fabric, i.e. the density of the yarn, also affects the durability of the bed linen. The yarn density of cotton bed linen is usually indicated on a scale of 132 to 400 TC. A minimum yarn density of 180 TC is recommended to ensure that the cotton fabric is durable and of good quality.

Hemp fabric is very durable and will not wrinkle in the wash. On the contrary - hemp fabric improves with washing. The durability of hemp fabrics is based on the strength of the fibre from the hemp plant. Hemp fabric is typically smaller in thread count than cotton fabric, which makes the sheets airy and breathable.

So when choosing bedding for your baby, always consider the material's allergy-friendliness, softness, safety, breathability and durability.


Hemp baby bedding from HEMPEA

Our product range includes baby sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases made using traditional methods without chemicals. The natural-coloured fabric is printed using only safe, water-based dyes that are not harmful to your baby.

Kuvassa vauvan pussilakana ja vauvan tyynyliina Metsänlepo-kuosissa.

In picture baby duvet cover and baby pillow case in Sleepy forest print.

Baby bedding made of hemp fabric will stand the test of time and use. They may well be used from one child to the next and from one generation to the next.

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