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  • I got to know Hempea about a year ago, with the start with two pillow cases. It was the first time that I touched this material and had it closely on my skin. It has very interesting texture and meanwhile can breath itself. Slowly I got more and more products. This year I got my baby boy and the first bed set he gets, is of course from Hempea. The material is very comfortable and perfect for summer nights. A happy sleeping baby as he is, makes a happy mom.

    Fei Tian

  • Amazing material! I love it!

    Sari Nevalainen

  • I could not imagine how wonderful the hemp bed linens would feel like. I have washed mine for the second time, and they get even better, softer, and they don`t make you sweat at all, that`s the best part! No wonder I would love to stay in bed the whole day. Warmly recommended!

    Jaana Välimäki

  • We've had HEMPEA bed sheets now for over a month in use and still everyday I keep wondering how lovely they are. Wonderful soft and sturdy in comparison to cotton and they somehow stay better "fresh" for two-three weeks. Absolutely a find that will stay with me for the next decades! In addition, the products were packed and shipped without plastic, love it <3


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