Makuuhuoneen sisustus – 10 sisustusideaa

Bedroom decoration - 10 design ideas

Maybe you have noticed when walking into a fancy hotel room how all the furniture and other decorative elements seem to be in harmony. The bed looks inviting, the lighting is soothing, the carpet feels wonderfully soft under your bare toes and yet the whole is practical at the same time.

In a hotel, decorating a bedroom looks effortless, but how can you achieve the same result at home? Read on for 10 decorating tips to help you make your bedroom at home stylish, inviting and calming.


Make your bed the centre of your bedroom

One of the easiest ways to approach bedroom decorating is to rethink the furniture arrangement and make the bed the focal point of the space. Making the bed the centre is also logical because the bedroom is specifically designed for sleeping. The easiest way to give the bed a leading role is to place it in the centre of the room, as is also the custom in hotels. However, this requires the bedroom to be large enough.

You can also accentuate the bed by getting a bed headboard. Bed headboards are also available in unusual shapes and in a variety of colours, which means that the bed headboard can be an eye-catcher at its best.

Instead of a bed headboard, wallpapering or painting the end wall with an accent colour can also be a good option. If you do decide to wallpaper or paint, make sure that the shades you choose for the wall are also repeated in other bedroom textiles, such as carpets or cushions.


Sänky keskellä makuuhuonetta

Choose curtains that are both stylish and darkening

Bedroom curtains are very important for the quality of sleep. That's why you should give preference to fabrics that are completely darkening. Darkening fabrics are also often heavy, so they drape beautifully as side curtains.

However, if you want to opt for lighter side curtains in your bedroom, for example in summer time, you can choose blinds between the window panes. In this case, darkening is not a decisive factor when choosing side curtains, as the blinds will provide sufficient blackout. For example, Nammi sheets made of hemp fabric are very suitable as lightweight side curtains.

Make your bed inviting by layering textiles

Make your bed and bedding inviting by boldly layering textiles. You can choose both large and small cushions to place on top of the duvet while the bed is made up. Nuvvus pillowcases are perfect also for a large 60 x 80 cm pillow.

With a bedspread, you can keep your bed tidy no matter what kind of sheets you use. A thick comforter can be thrown over the bedspread to create a soft and relaxed atmosphere.

Invest in lighting

You shouldn't choose a harsh, top-down ceiling light as the only light in your bedroom. Instead, keep versatility in mind when lighting your bedroom.

Indirect lighting is important alongside ceiling light to create a calming and soft atmosphere in the bedroom. Indirect lighting can be brought into the bedroom with floor lamps and reading lights on either side of the bed, for example.


Choose bedding that supports a good night's sleep

Bed linen that is sweaty and sticks to your skin will ruin your sleep, no matter how beautifully decorated your bedroom is. Bed linen is an important factor in sleep quality, so it's worth investing in. Natural materials are typically a good choice for sheets, as they are wonderfully warming in the cooler seasons and allow the skin to breathe in the summer heat.

Linen is probably the most familiar of the natural materials, as it is both breathable and has a natural, raw look. However, more and more people who like linen are opting for bed linen made from hemp. Hemp fibre used for hemp fabric is stronger than linen and therefore more resistant to wear and tear.


Don't forget art

In many homes, the bedroom walls are left completely bare and art is hung only in the living room. However, completely bare walls do not feel cosy. Art can also be used to create a hotel-style elegance in the bedroom. Besides - you wake up in your bedroom almost every day, so why not see something beautiful on the walls first thing when you wake up?

Art is easy to find online, as well as in local galleries and art shops. If you're not ready to buy artwork, you can also try decorative posters.

A large enough carpet will bring your furniture together 

Your bedroom rug should be large enough to fill most of the floor space and be significantly larger than your bed. The mat should start a few inches in front of the bedside tables and extend over the edges of the bed so that you can easily stand on the mat when you get out of bed. The mat should also extend well over the edge of the bed from the foot of the bed.

The right size of rug ties the whole bedroom interior together into a clear whole and makes a significant contribution to the atmosphere in the bedroom.


Make the space soothingly symmetrical

Symmetry is particularly important in the bedroom. Symmetry creates a sense of balance and order, which has a calming effect.

To create symmetry in a bedroom, you can choose bedside tables and table or wall lamps that are identical on both sides of the bed. If there is a window on one wall of the bedroom, you can create symmetry by placing a mirror on the opposite wall.


Ensure sufficient storage space

Nothing makes a bedroom feel more restless than unnecessary small items piling up on bedside tables or piles of clothes on the floor. So it's worth making sure you have enough storage space in your bedroom. Opt for bedside tables with small drawers for books, chargers and other small items.

Many people also store clothes in the bedroom. So it's worth making sure your wardrobe is as functional as possible. If your bedroom is small, consider sliding door wardrobes that don't take up space when opened.


Stick to a colour palette

Choose a colour palette for your bedroom walls, soft furnishings and furniture in matching shades. For the most part, you'll find a range of neutral and earthy tones for bedrooms, but of course, go for colours that make you feel calm.

You can easily search for ready-made colour palettes on Google Image Search using keywords like "bedroom colour palette". With this search, you can not only find colour palettes, but also sample images of how to use the colours in the palette.


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