HEMPEA hamppulakanat, hamppupyyhkeet ja hamppukangas kodinsisustus

Gentle hemp textiles for your home

HEMPEA yrityksen ekologiset arvot ja yrittäjä Marja-Maija Valtonen

From love to Planet Earth. With love to you.

HEMPEA comes from the wide open Fells, chrystal clear waters, nightless nights and dark winter nights of Northern Lapland.

Wild nature has always been a crucial part of my daily life. It is my inspiration.

It is what I wish to preserve for my children.

With my high quality hemp textiles I wish to bring you stability and safety when everything around you changes

HEMPEA™ was born out of respect for Planet Earth.

I hope you can find your own piece of soft tranquility through HEMPEA.

Please ask me, if there is anything you are wondering

With love,
Marja-Maija l HEMPEA

HEMPEA tuotteille on myönnetty Avainlippu-merkki.

Keyflag symbol

HEMPEA products have been granted with Keyflag-symbol, which tells that the products are made in Finland. HEMPEA™ hemp textiles are designed, dyed, printed and sewn in Finland.

HEMPEA vuodevaatteet tehdään Suomessa ylellisen pehmeästä eurooppalaisesta hamppukankaasta.

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